[pc110] LILO probs on PCMCIA HDD.

Josh (jg nospam at thegrid.net)
Tue, 19 May 1998 14:44:24 -0700

Well, I finally got a new PC110 to replace my semi - messed-up one.
Going thru all the shenanagans of installing DOS,WIN95 & LINUX again.
I got WIN95 & DOS in ok.... Got to LINUX & after a succesful install it fails upon reboot with LILO.
Here is the scenario:

I am using the 4MB ROM for a tiny version of DOS.
The 260 MB HDD is partioned 3 ways to hold 200MB of WIN95/DOS & 50Mb of LINUX (5Mb Swap & 45 MB FS).
I am using System Commander on the PCMCIA HDD as a boot menu between the 2.
My BIOS boot up sequence is as follows: FLOPPY, PCMCIA, HDD1.
I can boot into WIN 95 & DOS fine, if I remove the PCMCIA HDD, I can boot up with the mini-DOS on ROM.
But after installing RH 4.2 LINUX & placing LILO on the boot partition (first sector-hdc3). "LINUX" shows up on the Sytem Commander menu, but when I select it LILO starts then goes into a error screen of L 0404040404040404040404040404 etc.....
So I cannot boot into LILO/LINUX from the PCMCIA HDD.
Now under LINUX it sees the drives as follows:
4MB ROM = dev hda
260MB WIN95= dev hdc1
260MB 5MB SWAP = dev hdc2 (type =82)
260MB 45MB FileSystem = dev hdc3 (type = 83)

when I get to the LILO installation portion of the install I only have options to install it to:
-hda "MBR"
-hdc3 "First Sector of Boot Partition
/dev/fd0 "Floppy"

I read on a www page that LILO likes to go on hda, well it is on hdc3, what the heck is the problem? It seems like it should work...
Hmmmmmmm..... Any help out there?
I would like to be able to remove the PCMCIA HDD & swap it between units to run both LINUX & WIN95/DOS.

I am kinda stuck.

jg nospam at thegrid.net