Re: [pc110] WTB: PC110.

Michael Van Donselaar (m_vand nospam at
Fri, 08 May 1998 03:18:55 GMT

On Thu, 07 May 1998 09:11:57 -0700, "Josh" <jg nospam at> wrote:

>Hello, if anyone has a PC110 they are interested in selling please contact me, jg nospam at
>I only need a base model, no accesories, extra RAM or anything are neccesary, but will consider any as long as price is reasonable.
>External (case) condition is not that important so long as the screen (and hinge) is perfect & the unit itself functions %100 perfect...
>Can buy outright or can trade for other computer equipment (good stuff, not junk-DVD, CD-R, DIGI Equip, RAS stuff, etc).
>jg nospam at


I have a PC110 for sale. 8MB model with no dock. Includes an Integrated Periphs 340MB Type III HD.

Part of the left front case was broken, but repaired. The hinge is undamaged, and the unit works
100%. I'm selling so I can get something that will operate with a PCCARD slot free for wireless
ethernet. (Have you ever priced compact flash? YIKES)

Asking $400 COD shipped.