Re: [pc110] LILO probs on PCMCIA HDD.

Josh (jg nospam at
Thu, 21 May 1998 15:16:15 -0700

Do you know how to get LILO to boot from the 260MB Type III drive???
I cant get past L 04040404040404040404040404...........
I am using the 4MB ROM as Swap Space & have 40MB of the 260 MB Type III allocated for LINUX, the other 208 is for WIN95/DOS.

Any pointers/help?

I have System Commander Deluxe, PC110 Boot order is Floppy, PCMCIA, HDD1.
Sounds like it should work and I am close, but no cigar...
Anything? Anybody?

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On 5/21/98, at 10:00 PM, Alan Cox wrote:

>> Now I get to ask a question. Has anyone had any luck installing linux onto
>> a Compactflash card? I've got a 20MB one that I'd like to get running
>> Debian, but I can't get the boot disk to work right.
>Yes. Dont bother starting with a standard distribution though. You'll spend
>weeks stamping out writing to stuff you dont want. You need to pass
>the geometry of the flash card to lilo