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Wed, 01 Dec 1999 07:44:59 +0900

Thanks to Borre Ludvigsen for the photos on his web site.

I thought this was expensive in UK: #48 +VAT or 55UKP.
Then I called IBM Japan Parts Center.
They had no problem finding FRU P/N 75H7522.
The guy spoke English to me and gave me the price in no time.
I asked him to repeat the price in three different ways,
to make sure I understood correctly.
Their price is 27700 yen, about 277 USD.
Plus they will have to charge me another 1000 yen for placing the order.
And they will deliver it in 30 days, maybe.

I decided to buy one for myself. No, not at this price.
I found it available at a shop in Tokyo.
I can deliver this for 50 USD each when I ship docks and FDDs.
Shipping within USA, and the part of shipping to USA and the custom duties
would be added to that price. Anybody interested please email to me.

Or maybe you can tell me the Radio Shack part number for an equivalent AC Adapter
that I could buy for less?

Missing from the photos is the part that plugs into the wall outlet.
The one I can buy has connectors looking like this:



It may look differently in Norway.
This cable is only abut 10 inches long and could easily be replaced with
a country specific cable.

This can be used in Japan and North America with a two whole outlet
by first plugging it into a thin adapter that will bypass the third round connector.
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Ken.Akiba nospam at BigFoot.com

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Subject: Re: PC110 Universal AC Adapter
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 1999 20:34:04 +0100 (CET)
From: Borre Ludvigsen <borrel nospam at nasrallah.ludvigsen.hiof.no>
To: Ken.Akiba nospam at BigFoot.com
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There are som images at

There was no problem obtaining it in Norway a month or so ago. It works
fine, the only problem is that it is slightly underpowered compaired to
the original. Enough so that it will not carry the surge when external
keyboard, mouse and monitor are attached to the dock. At least this one
will not.

- Barre

On Sun, 28 Nov 1999 Ken.Akiba nospam at BigFoot.com wrote:

> I wanted to find a Universal AC Adapter for PC110.
> I found out from the earlier postings about IBM AC Adapter:
> [P/N: 07H0629] [FRU P/N: 75H7522] part of [CD Kit P/N: 03L3300].
> See appended postings for details. Is this really the best?
> It looks like this is difficult to find in Europe.
> How about in USA? I think I can find this in Japan.
> If there is interest I can ship it with the order from T-Zone.
> What kind of AC Adapter are most people using now with PC110?
> An adapter that supports only local voltage?
> In North America, can you use the original PC110 AC Adapter intended for
> Japanese 100V standard?
> Could somebody who already has this adapter describe it. Is it the brick type?
> Is the AC cord detachable so that it could be replaced with the local standard?
> What kind of AC plug does it come with? Two pronged ungrounded, or three pronged grounded?
> With flat or round prongs?
> Ken.Akiba nospam at BigFoot.com
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> Subject: Re: Battery and charger/power supplier
> Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 15:21:20 GMT
> From: "Jonathan Roberts" <carsen80 nospam at hotmail.com>
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> Hi All
> I also bought this adapter from IBM UK. It has a different Part Number here
> and cost 55UKP(expensive)
> I don't seem to be having the same problems, I use a Cherry Mini Keyboard
> Ref 4100 and the new smaller Microsoft Wheel mouse and an NEC 1810 18" TFT
> Monitor(Black so it matches the PC110 ;-)).
> If you are in the US it maybe the 110v local supply or maybe its your
> docking station?
> suggestions?
> >From: Borre Ludvigsen <borrel nospam at nasrallah.ludvigsen.hiof.no>
> >To: Jean Doreau <j-doreau nospam at paris1.matra-dtv.fr>
> >CC: "pc110 nospam at the-gadgeteer.com" <pc110 nospam at the-gadgeteer.com>
> >Subject: Re: Battery and charger/power supplier
> >Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 12:45:36 +0100 (CET)
> >
> >
> >On the recommendation from someone on this list, I bought an IBM AC
> >Adapter P/N 07H0629 it takes 100-127V and 200-240V inn and gives 10V 1A
> >out and runs at 50 - 60 Hz. Ideal for international travel. The only
> >problem with it is that it is slightly underpowered from the original
> >adapter, so while it runs the machine, dock, FD and charges batteries
> >OK, it will not handle connected external mouse, keyboard and monitor.
> >It seems the power surge at boot time is too heavy.
> >
> >- Barre
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> Date: Mon, 08 Jun 1998 09:50:05 -0400
> From: "Martin Boman" <martin nospam at cyberspace.se>
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> Subject: Power supply
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> Ok, after several questions I'll try to elaborate on the power supply.
> It belongs to an external 20 speed external pcmcia cd rom. The ordering
> number for this cd-kit is 03L3300.
> It seems that the number to use for the power supply is the FRU (Field
> Replacement Unit) 75H7522. The whole cd kit is priced #424 + VAT. And
> the Power supply costs #48 +VAT. In the UK You'd call IBM part sales on
> 0181-5753333 for these parts. Now the bad news. There is no stock and no
> lead time on either part. That doesn't mean you can't get it but it will
> take some time, so the best thing is to call in and place an order and
> hopefully Big Blue will get moving....
> Cheers
> /Martin
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> Date: Tue, 02 Jun 1998 14:04:11 -0400
> From: "Martin Boman" <martin nospam at cyberspace.se>
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> Subject: Power supply
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> For all of you asking about proper power supplies....
> There is a PSU for an IBM external cd-rom that outputs 10V 1A. Its IBM
> Part number is:07H0629. It is a pretty small thing an itworks
> beautifully out of the box on the 110 and you even get the IBM logo on
> it :-)
> /Martin
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