RE: [pc110] Re: PC110 Universal AC Adapter

InfraRED/Veres Tibor (infrared nospam at
Mon, 20 Dec 1999 18:09:04 +0100 (CET)


I'm a new pc110 owner (got it 2 days ago)..
(20, 260, 33.6)
I mainly just read the list until now, i'll be a much more active member..

I use debian potato, kernel 2.2.14pre15+e2compr patch right now.

I'm trying to get maximum battery life.

hdparm -S 8 /dev/hdc does not work unfortunately, but
hdparm -y (or Y) /dev/hdc will bring the hdd into standby (or sleep) mode.
(i'm going to write a small utility which reads /proc/interrupts (to see
if there was any interrupt for ide1 lately, and issue hdparm -Y
accordingly) (btw is there any difference between standby and sleep??),
but if somebody has such a utility.. please send it to me)

how can I read the status of the battery??
i've seen a script which displays it in the command prompt on a page.. but
now, i can't find it..

is it possible to tune the kernel flush daemon with this daemon I mentined

Alan Cox: do you still have your pc110?? what happened to your page?
there was sometimes a thread on linux-kernel about compressed swapping.. .
the conclusion was, that it's not worth on server system, but imho on the
pc110 it would be a great win, especially on 20M system..
It would be possible to run the system without ever needing to swap to disk

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