[pc110] InfoLithium clone purchase

T. Alexander Popiel (popiel nospam at snugharbor.com)
Wed, 09 Dec 1998 20:56:36 -0800

Well, it's been a quiet week. After a couple people
the first day, I haven't heard from anymore folks
interested in the InfoLithium clone batteries.
Currently, 13 of the batteries are accounted for;
if the number doesn't rise to 25 by next Monday,
I'm going to abandon the deal.

Unit price is US$40 for a 7.2V 1500mAh Li-ion battery
(clone of the Sony NP-F550). This _does_ include the
third contact and microchip stuff, but their clone of
the microchip is imperfect and occasionally doesn't
reinterface with camcorders when the battery is

Their terms do not include shipping; this is fixable,
since I can drive over to their manufacturing plant
when the stuff is ready, then send it out to the
individual buyers via FedEx or UPS (prolly about US$5
per destination). They also want a single payment,
so money will have to filter though me, unfortunately.

If you're interested in being part of the group purchase,
send me mail! If you have suggestions on how to handle
the money/shipping stuff, I'm all ears.

- Alex

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| Subject: Re: InfoLithium
| Date: Sun, 29 Nov 1998 19:21:34 -0800
| One concern we have with our InfoLithium replacement battery is that
| they are not 100% compliant. There is a 20% chance that if pulled out
| during camera operation, they will not re-register when plugged back
| in. Also, the extra electronics adds cost to the battery.
| If you are not using the third terminal datalink, we can offer similar
| form factor packs with only two terminals, two female mini-banana jacks
| for power.
| We have chargers available.
| Unfortunately we are not set up to sell one or two batteries to
| individuals. We can take a group order.
| Pricing for 25 or more batteries is US$40.00
| Pricing for 25 or more chargers is also US$40.00.
| The charger is a lithium-ion 1A constant current, 8.4V constant voltage
| charger. Charger base dimensions are 84x44x40mm. A UL approved AC
| adaptor (12V; 1A) is also provided.
| Terms: Prices are FOB CA Manufacturing Facility. Payment in advance.
| Visa/Mastercard are accepted.
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