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Rex K. Perkins (rexkp nospam at
Thu, 10 Dec 1998 09:13:28 -0500

Hi Alex,

Thanks for keeping me posted. Unfortunately, the price differential between
this revised price and a true Sony is too small to warrant the little known
brand and imperfect 'microchip' stuff.

Thanks any how.



At 08:56 PM 12/9/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Well, it's been a quiet week. After a couple people
>the first day, I haven't heard from anymore folks
>interested in the InfoLithium clone batteries.
>Currently, 13 of the batteries are accounted for;
>if the number doesn't rise to 25 by next Monday,
>I'm going to abandon the deal.
>Unit price is US$40 for a 7.2V 1500mAh Li-ion battery
>(clone of the Sony NP-F550). This _does_ include the
>third contact and microchip stuff, but their clone of
>the microchip is imperfect and occasionally doesn't
>reinterface with camcorders when the battery is
>Their terms do not include shipping; this is fixable,
>since I can drive over to their manufacturing plant
>when the stuff is ready, then send it out to the
>individual buyers via FedEx or UPS (prolly about US$5
>per destination). They also want a single payment,
>so money will have to filter though me, unfortunately.
>If you're interested in being part of the group purchase,
>send me mail! If you have suggestions on how to handle
>the money/shipping stuff, I'm all ears.
>- Alex
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>| One concern we have with our InfoLithium replacement battery is that
>| they are not 100% compliant. There is a 20% chance that if pulled out
>| during camera operation, they will not re-register when plugged back
>| in. Also, the extra electronics adds cost to the battery.
>| If you are not using the third terminal datalink, we can offer similar
>| form factor packs with only two terminals, two female mini-banana jacks
>| for power.
>| We have chargers available.
>| Unfortunately we are not set up to sell one or two batteries to
>| individuals. We can take a group order.
>| Pricing for 25 or more batteries is US$40.00
>| Pricing for 25 or more chargers is also US$40.00.
>| The charger is a lithium-ion 1A constant current, 8.4V constant voltage
>| charger. Charger base dimensions are 84x44x40mm. A UL approved AC
>| adaptor (12V; 1A) is also provided.
>| Terms: Prices are FOB CA Manufacturing Facility. Payment in advance.
>| Visa/Mastercard are accepted.
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