[pc110] PC110 for sale

jg (jgom nospam at bigfoot.com)
Tue, 8 Dec 1998 12:42:29 -0800

(here I go again...)

PC110 with the following options/accesories.

260MB Type III HDD
Dock/Port Replicator
Floppy Drive
PS2 Mouse Adapter Cable
2 IBM Batteries
AC Power supply

"AND" also...

15 MB Compact Flash card.
2 Leather carry cases.
HandsFree Earphone/Mic.
Stylus Pointer for touchpad.
PS2 Microsoft Mouse.

PLUS - Your choice of one of the following:

Xircom 10MB parallel port Ethernet adapter
3Com 10MB PCMCIA Ethernet/LAN card
Or for extra $20 a 3Com 33.6 Modem / 10MB Ethernet PCMCIA combo card.

OS is WIN95 osr2, CD is included.

Unit is excellent physical shape, no loose hinge - looks great.

Asking $575 for all + s/h.

--- MUST SELL --- Need Xmas money.

EMail me now if interested.

NOTE: The PC110 has a blown speaker, I have ordered a replacement from
DigiKey which will be included.

I am located in Bay Area, California.

Again, must sell...