Re: [pc110] I know most of you have seen this...

jg (jgom nospam at
Thu, 3 Dec 1998 18:55:22 -0800

you kinda lost me there...

Is this Wireless?

Well I'm open to using LINUX any day. My exeprienc wit it on teh PC110 was
less than productive.

I would prefer to use LINUX myself, but I think maybe I'm just not that
LINUX savvy to benefit from it on a PC110.

To get Ethernet all I do is plug my Xircom parallel port ethernet adapter
(ok, I use the port rep) and bam! I am on my LAN, I can administer my
domain, do my sys admin duties, telnet into AIX boxes & do everything I
need, I can also dial up & telnet, ping, yadda, yadda...
I also run my network monitor utilities, and packet sniffers, etc... This
way I can be in my computer/data room & not have to lug a laptop to connect
directly to my switch or a router.

Believe me, I am open to LINUX, I just haven't seen the glory as far as teh
PC110 goes unless they are doing some "next level" stuffs taht are beyond me.

fill me in...

Explain how I can get a LAN connection without the Port replicator, irDA???

Does your Infared work under LINUX?
How about the phone? (i.e., dial up a call via a PIM & talk...)
I hear the soundblaster works.

I have a RedHat 5.1 CD in my bag just burning to be installed in another PC...


At 06:13 PM 12/3/98 -0800, you wrote:
>>But lets get real, to get the full benefits of the PC110 your best off
>>using 95, sorry.
>If this were true I'd certainly be using Win9x on my PC110. Reason I'm
>using Linux on it is to get benefits Windows doesn't offer. For example
>under Windows I don't see how to plug the 110 into an ethernet and
>open up a PC110 window on my 20" monitor (on my 450MHz PII), short of
>unplugging the monitor, attaching the PC110 to its port expander, and
>plugging the monitor into the PC110. This is unacceptable.
>Win9x is just too underpowered to get the most out of a computer, even
>one as small as the 110.