Re: [pc110] Hardware "standard" on the PC110?

Fringe Ryder (fringe nospam at
Thu, 03 Dec 1998 18:49:15 -0800

At 05:53 PM 12/3/98 -0700, Don Papp wrote:
> I am considering getting a PC110 to run Linux on. However, one
>question I have concerns the hardware compatibility.
> Essentially, I plan to be doing a lot of messing around, and
>programming with the hardware (serial, parallel) ports.
> Are there any issues with the hardware compatibility or
>"standard-ness" of the ports on the PC110? (or more accurately, the port

Nope. It's all standard.

> I will be somewhat new to linux but not to programming and unix in
>general - I just want to be sure that I won't be making things really hard
>on myself by jumping into a PC110 for this.

That's how I did it. First Linux experience was on a PC110.

Have fun.