Re: [pc110] I know most of you have seen this...

Mark Willis (mwillis nospam at
Thu, 03 Dec 1998 18:35:26 -0800

I use a SanDisk 48 Mb CF card regularly. (Just regular CF, not CF2, I
am *guessing* CF2 is a speed enhancement in the same size package but
I'm not sure.) SanDisk now makes up to 160 Mb or so CF disks (there are
other good manufacturers, as well.)

It measures 1.7" wide by 1.4" long by .12 tall, i.e. 43mm wide by
35.5mm long by 3mm tall.

Docs at (You can get a 900k
.pdf file there) for more info.

Mark, mwillis nospam at

PS: jg: You'll get 2 copies as the thread's on both PC110 lists, if
you're on both mailing lists; Slightly different headers (See the
reply-to lines.)

InfraRED/Veres Tibor wrote:
> > Hmmm, dunno anything about CF2 compatability...
> it could be enough if someone could send me the dimensions of the CF card
> he uses...
> (btw I don't have IBM PC110.. I'm only willing to buy one..
> do you know some cheap places to look at??)
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