[pc110] I know most of you have seen this...

Josh (josh nospam at QUALITY.COM)
Thu, 3 Dec 1998 09:19:02 -0800


I think this may be reason enough to hold on to my PC110, despite it's
fragility & messed up speaker...

Hers some text straight off the website...

To learn more about the new microdrive, visit our Web
site at www.ibm.com/storage/microdrive.

International Business Machines Corporation 1998

IBM Storage Systems Division
5600 Cottle Road
San Jose, CA 95193

drive nospam at us.ibm.com

IBM hard disk drive product information and technical
support center:
United States: 1-888-IBM-5214 (1-888-426-5214)
Other countries: 507-253-4110

IBM TECHFAX: 1-408-256-5418 (requires a touch-tone phone)
International customers must call from a fax machine.

Just thought I'd pass it along in case some of you didn't get all the dirt
on this marvel...

I spoke to a rep & she said should available in limited supply after the
1st of the year.
Might not be a bad idea to get on the waiting list of a distributor.

PS: Cool, this particular IBM location is close by! Too bad I can't just
stroll in & buy one.