Re: [pc110] PC110 For Sale - ADJUSTMENTS

jgom (jgom nospam at
Tue, 10 Nov 1998 22:15:24 -0800

Let me adjust my post for the masses....

To any person who wishes to to "aquire" my PC110, Let me say that you won't
be getting the "assumed" touchpad driver from me, therefore I hereby
clarify that this fantastic little deal below does NOT include the
"Touchpad driver" someone assumed, which by looking at the post one
wouldn't have a clue whether I wrote it or someone else wrote it or if it's
the PersonnaWare driver or the X windows / LINUX driver, anyhow, you aint
gonna get the "Touchpad Driver" someone was thinking about, but hey! You'll
still get the cheapy plastic stylus and a PC110 with a touchpad.
Sorry, oh & I'll also ask that folks please don't redistribute any Email
with my name at the bottom, my name is copyrighted by my mother, you can
get Email with my name at the bottom from my moms website nospam at
(I'm joking).

Anyhow, the PC110 is still for sale & doesn't include THAT touchpad driver
you guys were thinknig about.

Here is the NEW corrected post....

>To all those who are looking for a PC110 or have been looking for a way to
>blow a easy thousand bucks. <---- WELL ACTUALLY A LITTLE LESS.
>I am selling mine (reluctantly).
>It is a 20MB model w/ 260MB Type III Drive.
>It has the Port Replicator/Dock Port.
>It has the floppy.
>It has the infamous PS2 adapter cable.
>It has the original AC power supply & 2 Batteries.
>It has the BIOS update.
>Touchpad drivers installed. <--- WELL NOT THE ONE YOU'RE THINKNIG OF.
>It's currently running WIN95 & it works fantastic.
>No it doesn't have a loose hinge or loose anything.
>It's in excellent condition, not a single scratch or smudge.
>Have original Box & manuals.
>Here's whats included:
>The complete PC110 system as described above PLUS:
>Hands-Free Headphone/mic to plug into the PC110 audio/mic jack, allows you
>to use the phone features hands free!!! (I used it with a voice-reco app &
>it worked!!!!)
>A Xircom PE3 Parallel Port Ethernet Adapter (10MBS)
>A cheapy plastic Stylus for the touchpad. <---- THIS WILL STILL WORK!
>An external PS2 Microsoft mouse
>A Matching external IBM TrackPoint II compact PS2 keyboard <$188 value>
>(lovely keyboard slick, compact & all black w/ a trackpoint mouse built
>into the keyboard!)
>A Syquest EZ Flyer 230MB Parallel Port Drive (includes a cartridge).
>A 3Com 10baseT/33.6 PCMCIA combo card (should you ever get a big CF card
>this will be a dream come true).
>Copy of WIN95 OSR2 on CD w/ license. <---- DAMN, GUESS BILL WILL BE NEXT
>2 Leather(ish) carry cases, one fits the PC110 & Dock Port plus a couple
>other items, the other is basically a small laptop case & fits a lot of
>stuff & the PC110.
>AND, I will also throw in a couple CD's of your choice with some excellent
>software, Email me for more info.<---- BUT NONE OF THEM HAVE THAT DRIVER
>+ More - I'm in a generous mood....
>I bought my PC110 for the whoppingly outrageous price of $1,500+ from
>Dynamism last December, in all honesty it has been more of a novelty for
>me, I am too paranoid about breaking it to make it a real useful tool, I
>did use it a bit - mostly for Email, but it has just sat dormant on a
>shelf the majority of the time or in my carry case where I would on
>occasion pull it out to get Oooohs & Aaaahhh's from all the Pilot & WIN CE
>All I am asking for is a petty $975 plus shipping for EVERYTHING listed
>I think that is fair, it's less than I paid for JUST the PC110, and I am
>throwing all that stuff which I dont even wanna remember what I paid for it
>I am not interested in any trades, cash only, unless you have a brand new
>Palm III in a box I may take off a couple hundred towards the package.

-----> OK, TO BE NICE & show that I am flexible.... LET ME ADD, "Or Best

>If this interests you, please Email me directly at jgom nospam at
>***NOTE: I will absolutely / positively NOT break any of this up & sell
>seperately, it's all or nothing, please don't even ask.
>FYI: I am located in the Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay Area of
>California, locals are welcome to see it first...<---- BUT YOU WONT SEE A
(c) 1998 by my mom.