[pc110] PC110 For Sale

jg (jgom nospam at bigfoot.com)
Tue, 10 Nov 1998 17:37:58 -0800

To all those who are looking for a PC110 or have been looking for a way to
blow a easy thousand bucks.
I am selling mine (reluctantly).

It is a 20MB model w/ 260MB Type III Drive.
It has the Port Replicator/Dock Port.
It has the floppy.
It has the infamous PS2 adapter cable.
It has the original AC power supply & 2 Batteries.
It has the BIOS update.
Touchpad drivers installed.
It's currently running WIN95 & it works fantastic.
No it doesn't have a loose hinge or loose anything.
It's in excellent condition, not a single scratch or smudge.
Have original Box & manuals.

Here's whats included:
The complete PC110 system as described above PLUS:

Hands-Free Headphone/mic to plug into the PC110 audio/mic jack, allows you
to use the phone features hands free!!! (I used it with a voice-reco app &
it worked!!!!)
A Xircom PE3 Parallel Port Ethernet Adapter (10MBS)
A cheapy plastic Stylus for the touchpad.
An external PS2 Microsoft mouse
A Matching external IBM TrackPoint II compact PS2 keyboard <$188 value>
(lovely keyboard slick, compact & all black w/ a trackpoint mouse built
into the keyboard!)
A Syquest EZ Flyer 230MB Parallel Port Drive (includes a cartridge).
A 3Com 10baseT/33.6 PCMCIA combo card (should you ever get a big CF card
this will be a dream come true).
Copy of WIN95 OSR2 on CD w/ license.
2 Leather(ish) carry cases, one fits the PC110 & Dock Port plus a couple
other items, the other is basically a small laptop case & fits a lot of
stuff & the PC110.
AND, I will also throw in a couple CD's of your choice with some excellent
software, Email me for more info.
+ More - I'm in a generous mood....

I bought my PC110 for the whoppingly outrageous price of $1,500+ from
Dynamism last December, in all honesty it has been more of a novelty for
me, I am too paranoid about breaking it to make it a real useful tool, I
did use it a bit - mostly for Email, but it has just sat dormant on a
shelf the majority of the time or in my carry case where I would on
occasion pull it out to get Oooohs & Aaaahhh's from all the Pilot & WIN CE

All I am asking for is a petty $975 plus shipping for EVERYTHING listed above.
I think that is fair, it's less than I paid for JUST the PC110, and I am
throwing all that stuff which I dont even wanna remember what I paid for it
I am not interested in any trades, cash only, unless you have a brand new
Palm III in a box I may take off a couple hundred towards the package.

If this interests you, please Email me directly at jgom nospam at bigfoot.com.

***NOTE: I will absolutely / positively NOT break any of this up & sell
seperately, it's all or nothing, please don't even ask.

FYI: I am located in the Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay Area of
California, locals are welcome to see it first...


(worlds most paranoid system administrator)