Re: [pc110] pc110 pcmcia hard drives

pat cavanagh (pat nospam at
Thu, 01 Oct 1998 14:02:08 +0900

Fringe Ryder wrote:

> As of last week, MicroWarehouse in San Jose only had the 260 and 340MB
> PCMCIA hard disks in stock. I've heard of 540MB units, but have not seen
> one and they are apparently not readily available on the open market.
> You will want to buy a 20MB system with a docking station. The drive is
> exchangeable, don't worry about that.

thanks for that. what about the external hard drives that plug into a pcmcia
slot with a cable? i think they call them cardbus or something. would it be
possible to plug this into my current notebook and build a linux system on
there and then plug that into a pc110 and boot off it? and then could i get
a big compact flash card and put a linux system on that, thus not needing
a floppy drive or a pcmcia drive?