RE: [pc110] pc110 pcmcia hard drives

Amanda Walker (amanda nospam at
Thu, 1 Oct 1998 10:16:34 -0400

> thanks for that. what about the external hard drives that plug
> into a pcmcia
> slot with a cable? i think they call them cardbus or something.

These should work as long as they are *not* CardBus. CardBus is the
PCI-compatible extension of the PCMCIA standard, which the PC110 does not
support. However, most PCMCIA-connected external drives are not CardBus,
they're just plain old ATA.

> would it be
> possible to plug this into my current notebook and build a linux system on
> there and then plug that into a pc110 and boot off it?

In theory, yes, although you'd have to be careful with your LILO

> and then could i get
> a big compact flash card and put a linux system on that, thus not needing
> a floppy drive or a pcmcia drive?

Sure, and it will greatly improve your battery life. I'm running my PC110
off of a 48MB compact flash card, which is fun. I've set it up so it can
boot into DOS as well, so that I can run the CE300 camera card software.
Now, if only there were docs on the CE300, so that I could write a Linux
driver for it...

I'm tempted to dig up an old copy of SoftICE for DOS and see if I can puzzle
out what CCU.EXE is doing to talk to the camera, but that requires free
time. Sigh.

Amanda Walker <amanda nospam at>