[pc110] Linux, PC110 & Compact Flash

Josh Gomez (josh nospam at QUALITY.COM)
Wed, 16 Sep 1998 17:29:50 -0700

It's been a while since I played with LINUX on my PC110 but...

Anybody know how to get LINUX to work with teh CF (Compact Flash) card?

LILO chokes with either a L04L04, or L01L01, depending on what oredr I have
the drive in.

I would like to run 95 & LINUX on my PC110.

My config is as follows..

260MB Type III
15MB CF card
And of course the 4MB ROM.

What I had done before was set the boot order in PC110 BIOS to Floppy,

WIN95 was on the Type III.
A scaled down version of DOS is on the 4MB ROM, I can also put that on the
CF card .

I also would like to use System Commander Deluxe, It worked before but LILO
messes up.

Any suggesions?