[pc110] PC 110 for sale

Ed Urenda (eurenda nospam at hotmail.com)
Tue, 18 Aug 1998 14:21:30 PDT


I have a pc110 for sale with the following specifications:
12 mb ram
260 MB IBM type III pcmcia
2400 bps modem
all original manuals, software, sales receipt
no dock or floppy, but pc-card should work in any laptop

Currently has Windows 3.1/DR-DOS 7.0 with MS-works 3.0b, meeting maker
5.03, and internet software (netscape 2.02, trumpet winsock 2.1, eudora
2.2, ws_ftp, winzip) which I can leave if you have these licensed.

I can install any OS of your choice if you have difficulty getting a
laptop with a type III slot (including Linux).

Asking for $425 plus shipping charges.

E. Urenda
eurenda nospam at hotmail.com

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