Re: [pc110] Linux, PC110 & Compact Flash

Fringe Ryder (fringe nospam at
Thu, 17 Sep 1998 16:06:07 -0400

Forgive me if this has already been answered. I picked up my email this
morning in my hotel room, on my PC110, and am reading/responding to it
this afternoon on an airplane. Gotta love this palmtop!

Anyhow, there are a few details for Linux, depending on your kernel
version. One is that LILOI has to boot off the first controller. The way
around that is to load linux using loadlin, booting into DOS from the
internal 4MB partition first.

The other issue is that oldeer kernels sdo not allow two flash disks. I
found this out the hard way under 2.0.029. It took me a while to determine
why the 4MB partition showed, but not the CF. The offending file is io.c
(from memory), but I believe this is not a problem on current kernels.

BTW, anybody have any idea how much space is needed for a current linux
kernel/lib system, including X and some apps? Would it fit onm a 48MB
CF? Mine is currently on a 240MB pcmcia drive.

At 17:29 16-09-98 -0700, Josh Gomez wrote:
>It's been a while since I played with LINUX on my PC110 but...
>Anybody know how to get LINUX to work with teh CF (Compact Flash) card?
>LILO chokes with either a L04L04, or L01L01, depending on what oredr I have
>the drive in.
>I would like to run 95 & LINUX on my PC110.
>My config is as follows..
>260MB Type III
>15MB CF card
>And of course the 4MB ROM.
>What I had done before was set the boot order in PC110 BIOS to Floppy,
>WIN95 was on the Type III.
>A scaled down version of DOS is on the 4MB ROM, I can also put that on the
>CF card .
>I also would like to use System Commander Deluxe, It worked before but LILO
>messes up.
>Any suggesions?