[pc110] Redhat 5.1 smooth install

INOUE Katsumi (kinoue nospam at jp.oracle.com)
Mon, 8 Jun 1998 20:40:16 +0900

Hello linuxers!

I just finished installing Redhat 5.1. It was as smooth as when I installed
Slackware 2 years ago. X window worked easily, but only on external screen.

I was a little disapponted when I tried to boot with compact flash inserted.
LILO puts '040404' forever. I remember exact same thing happened 2 years ago.
Is this the bug explained in Yongguang Zhang's homepage
http://www.wins.hrl.com/people/ygz/pc110/ ??

I really want to use compact flash as a swap space, because compact flashes
are really cheap these days. And if I use flash drive as a root as well,
I imagine X on my PC110 could run as fast as on Pentium 75 !
Am I too optimistic?

INOUE Katsumi