Re: [pc110] Redhat 5.1 smooth install

Mark Willis (mwillis nospam at
Tue, 09 Jun 1998 10:35:07 -0700

I'm sort of in the same boat (I code in C/C++, Assembler on multiple
machines, Pascal, PL/1, etc. etc.) but have been on Dos for so long
since I last did Unix (on a nice SUN development machine, Intermec, ?5
years? ago) that Linux docs tend to "fry my brains", so far;
Eventually, I'll get back up to speed, but just cause someone's having
problems doesn't mean they didn't RTFM!

I get the same thing when I tutor/mentor folks learning C; They are
smart, they read the manuals, K&R & everything, but their experience
doesn't let them make SENSE of the documentation (yet!) - their eyes
glaze over, usually.

Some people learn by reading, others by hearing, others by watching
someone else do it, or by doing it themselves, and without a mentor it
can be hard for some (especially those who learn by watching or by
doing) to make progress, when they're stuck, they don't have someone to
mentor them, & the docs just plain don't make any sense in their world,
for whatever reason! (I'm guessing this is another way of saying what
Josh is saying.)

Throw in a browser that eats your bookmarks, a job that eats your time
& disrupts your life, a relationship, and a few other real-life "normal"
disasters & it can get to where you're well & truly stuck; I resemble
that some days! (Like today.) Today's a catch up day for me (think of
a marble in a tin can, being rattled around in a boiler with 15 madmen
hammering away on the boiler to relieve their frustrations <VBG> I
won't be thinking much by tonight! I'll get a lot done though.

Patience with each other, folks, hard to do, wonderful to see! <G>

Mark Willis, mwillis nospam at

Josh wrote:
> OK, been there, done that... Call me stupid, but I still can't get it to work.
> At this point it is at the 040404, know what it means, but how does one fix
> it? Re-install? or boot w/ LINUX boot disk & transfer LILO over?
> Sorry, but I am just not a LINUX expert.
> At 11:35 AM 6/8/98 -0700, you wrote:
> >
> >For heaven's sake people. Read the documentation for LILO. It clearly
> >explains that the 040404 is a diagnostic code. AFAIK, it means that you
> >need to specify the hard drive parameters in your lilo.conf.
> >
> >You can also see the docs at:
> >
> >
> >
> >-Jon
> >
> >On Mon, 8 Jun 1998, Josh wrote:
> >
> >>
> >> OK!!! Here is my dilemma... I have LINUX (RH 4.2) installed on my PC110,
> >> but of course it doesnt work... I get the LILO 04040404040404 thingy...
> >> I have System Commander Deluxe Installed on my PC110 & use the 260MB HDD
> >> for both WIN95 & LINUX.. I have the 4MB ROM setup as the Swap Space, I have
> >> heard all the info that LILO has a problem with booting off the PCMCIA hdd,
> >> well I have tried different installs & it ends up the same either hangs or
> >> 04040404040404040404...
> >>
> >> Any suggestions, I can do reinstall but don't know what to do at the
> >> install lilo part...
> >> And as far as LOADLIN, well then I suppose that would kill the need for
> >> System Commander, the LINUX system is already on my HD, do I just copy
> >> Loadlin off the CD to my WIN95 partition?
> >> Then what?
> >>
> >> josh
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