Re: [pc110] Redhat 5.1 smooth install

Vaughan Pratt (pratt nospam at
Mon, 08 Jun 1998 09:08:07 -0700

>This one took me some looking at source code (perhaps because my PC110
>install was my FIRST experience with Linux) six months ago, but... LILO
>can't handle booting off the second controller. The CF slot is controller
>#1, the PCMCIA slot is controller #2. My only way around this was to
>switch to using LoadLin (which works quite well).

If you include

hdb=noprobe hdb=477,2,32

(for the case of a 15MB compactflash, I don't know the geometry for larger
units) in your lilo command line, either manually at boot time or via

append = "hdb=noprobe hdb=477,2,32"

in your lilo.conf, then the kernel's hd driver will know to assume the
compactflash is there without bothering to probe for it. (Don't know
why lilo and the driver don't conspire to let you tell lilo to tell the
driver to try probing for it.)

The only gotcha is that the kernel panics if you give it this when the
compactflash is not installed, in which you need to either plan ahead by
reinstalling the loader with the append commented out just before
you remove the flash, or manually providing the command line without the
noprobe when booting without the flash.

Vaughan Pratt