Re: [pc110] performance/usability issues

Josh (jg nospam at
Tue, 17 Mar 1998 11:21:04 -0800

LINUX runs great.
Heard X runs quite nicely if you got the 20MB model & a nice size drive.
the pointing device is irritating at times, but you can get a touchpad
driver for both X & even Windows95, so there are ways around it.
Key borad works for me, a little getting used to, but it has given me no
The libretto is a little more powerful, but it is bigger & uglier.
I prefer a PC110 hands down, I would get a laptop befroe I bought a

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On 3/16/98, at 4:53 PM, Patrick Crosby wrote:

>The pc110 looks very cool and seems like a great gadget to have, but the
>logical side of my brain has a few concerns:
>1) How does it perform running linux in text mode? With X? (8MB v. 20MB
>comparisons would be helpful--I know 20 will be faster, but how much
>2) How is the keyboard?
>3) How is the pointing device? It looks awkward to move from typing to
>using the pointer thing and back again.
>4) Does anyone have any comparisons to the libretto? The pc110 is
>cheaper, but it's also a 486.
>Thanks for all your help!