[pc110] serial ports on PC110

Alan W Black (awb nospam at cstr.ed.ac.uk)
Tue, 17 Mar 1998 18:34:39 GMT

As I've just bought a (rediculously expensive) JetEye infrared port to
talk to my pc110 I've started trying to get the serial ports to work
and I seem to be having trouble, even with the standard serial port
(rather then the infrared device).

I have selected the serial port as 2 and modem as 1 in the Easy Setup
bios. I'm actually using FreeBSD rather than Linux but I believe
people who are running under Linux may be able to help me. When I
boot FreeBSD it doesn't find the serial ports, though on checking the
configuration it does find something there but the ports fail to
reply to the interrupt check which normally implies they are on
a different IRQ. I tried many different IRQs but none seemed to
work. After looking through the manual it does (somewhere) say
that they should be on 3 and (4 ?, sorry can't remember) but
the numbers were what one would think as convential places.

My specific question are what are the IRQs of the serial ports
on your machine? And is there anything I might have forgotten to
do, can some other device (e.g. touch sensitve pad or sound card) be
clashing ? (the sound card works fine for me).

I did think of testing in under Personaware but didn't have the
right cable for the modem nor could I find a simple terminal emulator.
I did run the test under Easy Setup and it did say "OK" for the serial
ports (whatever that means).



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