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Sun, 08 Mar 1998 15:06:29 +0000

Well, I would imagine it is something along that line... I used to service Portable Phones & 2-way Radios and am not timid about electronics & could probably fix it, problem is... I have no service manual or clue as to what goes to what in this little bugger.
I did take it apart last night for the first time though (amazing inside!)... I am just going to send it in for repair & maybe be a little more ingenious on how I power my peripherals from now on...
Again, although not %100 for certain, from what I have been told, powering a device from the PS2 port is NOT recommended on the PC110.. This may work fine on other laptops (does on my ThinkPad), but it seems the load the PC110 can handle via the PS2 port is not very high...
I was powering a Xircom Ethernet adapter from the PS2 port on the Docking Bay, it worked fine for a while, then the other night out of the blue, boom.... No more Keyboard on coming out of Suspend, No operation while in Docking bay, No operation while PS2 Adapter cable is plugged into PC110 unit...

I am sad...

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On 3/8/98, at 12:31 AM, Mark Willis wrote:

>I'd guess that it could be that the keyboard fuse is blown, that's
>fairly cheap to fix, IF it's that & not something else (in regular
>desktop computers, when someone plugs & unplugs the keyboard, they can
>blow that fuse, it's usually a 2 Amp microfuse. Little green cylinder
>1/2 inch long, looks lika a 1/4 watt resistor.) The PC110 is a rather
>UN-usual case, so it may be something different (anyone know? I'm
>trying to resist the urge to take mine apart, until after I get moved
> Wonder if someone has a PC110 repair manual, in english as I don't
>know japanese...
> Mark Willis
> mwillis nospam at
>Josh wrote:
>> Just in case anybody hasn't been informed....
>> Avoid using devices that draw power from the PC110's PS2 connector, like my Xircom PE3 Parralel port adapter, I should of used it with the AC supply, but in my overzealous pursuit of ultimate portability, I guess I didn't think of the load it would have on the PC110...(the adpater works fine via parallel , but do NOT use the power cable thru the PS2 port!)
>> In my case this seems to be the culprit of the problem(s) I am now having:
>> No keyboard after re-awakening from suspend mode.... No matter WIN95,DOS,LINUX... Gotta shut it off & back on to get it back to life.
>> No operation/boot while Docked in Port Replicator.(LCD displays Normally, but the unit itself is dead).
>> No operation/boot with the PS2 cable plugged into the PS2 socket on the rear of the PC110 (undocked).
>> PC110 repair anybody 8-( ...
>> Arrrggghh...