[pc110] Re: [PC110] Clock WAY slow

Fringe Ryder (fringe nospam at fringeweb.com)
Sun, 08 Mar 1998 16:03:14 -0800

If the software you're using is not APM-enabled but tries to control the
clock (Linux, Windows w/o APM, and GeoWorks come to mind), the clock may be
updated to the last known time when you resume, depending on where in it's
loops it was when you suspended.

Try turning on APM.

At 04:12 PM 3/8/98 -0500, Thomas Harding wrote:
>Maybe the battery you bought was dead oe weak. I once bought a dead watch
>battery. Sometimes they have a tester right at the store, the package
>sometimes has small holes in it so they can test tem without opening it up.
>I would have the battery you bought tested just to be sure....
>At 11:10 AM 3/8/98 -0800, Mark Willis wrote:
>>Well, I'm doing well here (Mailed this to the wrong mailing list.
>>Ack.) Further research: Seems like the internal clock STOPS (totally or
>>almost totally) when I suspend my PC110. Maybe it's getting cold at
>>night & on a temperature strike? <G>
>>Mark Willis wrote:
>>> Hi - one thing I've noticed is that my PC110's clock is sometimes WAY
>>> slow; I used it last night until 10:45pm or so & this afternoon at 2:15
>>> or so it still apparently thought it's 7 am or so - I need to do more
>>> figuring on when exactly it's clock is slow or stopped, but does anyone
>>> know about this sort of problem? (I think it's maybe slow when
>>> suspended?)
>>> I've replaced the coin cell (just to make sure it's NEW & not causing
>>> this or the "plug in the RS AC Adapter, and the PC110 turns off" problem
>>> I've experienced.) A week ago or so, so THAT isn't causing the problem.
>>> I run it a lot off the Radio Shack AC adapter when at work (on a long
>>> extension cord, I can keep the cord out of the road & reach most
>>> everywhere I use it <G> Though this IS happening on the sick, original
>>> IBM battery, maybe that battery though "fully charged" at 70% isn't
>>> running the clock properly? I can pull the AC adapter & it keeps
>>> running on the old battery, though...)
>>> It's an 8Mb model, I don't think the BIOS is updated yet (can do that
>>> if it'd make a difference?) - is this a known problem?
>>> Not NEAR as bad a problem as Josh is happening, but kinda annoying.
>>> Mark Willis
>>> mwillis nospam at nwlink.com
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