[pc110] Re: [PC110] A word of advice/warning

Mark Willis (mwillis nospam at nwlink.com)
Sun, 08 Mar 1998 00:31:52 -0800

I'd guess that it could be that the keyboard fuse is blown, that's
fairly cheap to fix, IF it's that & not something else (in regular
desktop computers, when someone plugs & unplugs the keyboard, they can
blow that fuse, it's usually a 2 Amp microfuse. Little green cylinder
1/2 inch long, looks lika a 1/4 watt resistor.) The PC110 is a rather
UN-usual case, so it may be something different (anyone know? I'm
trying to resist the urge to take mine apart, until after I get moved

Wonder if someone has a PC110 repair manual, in english as I don't
know japanese...

Mark Willis
mwillis nospam at nwlink.com

Josh wrote:
> Just in case anybody hasn't been informed....
> Avoid using devices that draw power from the PC110's PS2 connector, like my Xircom PE3 Parralel port adapter, I should of used it with the AC supply, but in my overzealous pursuit of ultimate portability, I guess I didn't think of the load it would have on the PC110...(the adpater works fine via parallel , but do NOT use the power cable thru the PS2 port!)
> In my case this seems to be the culprit of the problem(s) I am now having:
> No keyboard after re-awakening from suspend mode.... No matter WIN95,DOS,LINUX... Gotta shut it off & back on to get it back to life.
> No operation/boot while Docked in Port Replicator.(LCD displays Normally, but the unit itself is dead).
> No operation/boot with the PS2 cable plugged into the PS2 socket on the rear of the PC110 (undocked).
> PC110 repair anybody 8-( ...
> Arrrggghh...