Re: [pc110] Attempting to Install Linux

Mark Willis (mwillis nospam at
Tue, 10 Feb 1998 07:14:01 -0800

IIRC the 0x3BC port address is the "official" original address for
LPT1:, & 0x378 is "originally" LPT2: - I think the Herc Mono Graphics
Adapter/Printer Cards used the 0x3BC address or something and to not
collide eith that, or through confusion, most other cards started off
with 0x378 & the habit got stuck at that address?

(Can ask my "Super-Tech", I swear the man has an eidetic memory, he's
Really good at questions such as this.)

I know Linux will handle 0x3BC handily. I have beaucoup machines,
about 30% use LPT1: at 0x3BC, most at 0x378 (and 2 pentii have NO lpt
port as I needed the IRQ for a sound card, long story!)

Mark Willis, PC110, 8 Mb, varied PCMCIA HD's, functional soon!
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