[pc110] Attempting to Install Linux

Eric Fixler (fix nospam at outerband.org)
Thu, 5 Feb 1998 00:31:45 -0800

Greetings to all. I used to use my PC110 for on-the-road web page
production; I'm now trying to convert it to a Linux machine that I can use
for development.

Anyways, I'm having two problems that are stumping me:

1) Slackware's installer recognizes my PCMCIA drive and internal flash disk
just fine, but not by compact flash card, where I've placed the install
files (a1-a9 in the slackware dist). The PC-card comes up as hda and the
internal flash as hdc. In dos, the PC card is C:, the internal flash D:
and the compact flash E:.

2) I have a D-link DE650 Parallel Ethernet adapter; it's supported by the
Linux kernel, but apparently, the parallel port is supposed to be at I/O
0x378 for it to work; for some reason my parallel port is at 0x3BC. How do
I go about changing this?

Any and all help *greatly* appreciated.


Eric Fixler v:1-415/826-8650
fix nospam at outerband.org f:1-415/642-0565