Re: [pc110] Attempting to Install Linux

Eric Fixler (fix nospam at
Mon, 9 Feb 1998 15:41:51 -0800

Thanks again to everyone who sent over suggestions helping me to get Linix
up and running on my PC110. I *did* eventually manage to get it going and
am pretty psyched despite the following caveats:

1. Couldn't get it to recognize the compact flash. Had to make a dos
partition on my PC card drive, copy the disk sets to there, and install
from from the DOS partition.

2. I have to boot off the boot kernel floppy you make at the end of the
installation. At one point, I had installed a boot manager from the
FreeBSD distribution on the PC card (an Eiger 340), and it comes up when I
boot up. I get three choices :

F1 - Linux
F2 - Linux (this is really the swap partition)
F3 - Dos

The DOS boot works, but not Linux. It just prints '04' on the screen ad
nauseum when I hit F1. I had installed LILO on the PC card drive's MBR,
but I guess it didn't take for some reason.

Oddly, I had also accidentally installed LILO on the internal flash disk,
and when I try to boot off that, the same thing happens. Maybe there is
some problem with LILO and the PC110. Now just to figure out how to get
rid of LILO...

Anyway, so it's not perfect, but it's fine. I was really amazed and
impressed that networking worked on the first try. Setting the parallel
port to LPT1 did the trick.

Just wanted to follow up; thanks again...


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