Re: [pc110] Attempting to Install Linux

Mark Sailer (msailer nospam at
Thu, 05 Feb 1998 10:22:36 -0500

At 12:31 AM 2/5/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Greetings to all. I used to use my PC110 for on-the-road web page
>production; I'm now trying to convert it to a Linux machine that I can use
>for development.
>Anyways, I'm having two problems that are stumping me:
>1) Slackware's installer recognizes my PCMCIA drive and internal flash disk
>just fine, but not by compact flash card, where I've placed the install
>files (a1-a9 in the slackware dist). The PC-card comes up as hda and the
>internal flash as hdc. In dos, the PC card is C:, the internal flash D:
>and the compact flash E:.
>2) I have a D-link DE650 Parallel Ethernet adapter; it's supported by the
>Linux kernel, but apparently, the parallel port is supposed to be at I/O
>0x378 for it to work; for some reason my parallel port is at 0x3BC. How do
>I go about changing this?
Yes, the PC110 is a bit screwed up in this case. I had the same problem
when installing my parallel port ethernet adapter.

For all PC's that I've ever worked on, LPT1 is 0x378. For some reason LPT1 is
0x3BC. doing some changing and checking MSD.exe LPT2 is 0x378. Go into
setup (F1 at boot up) and change the printer port to LPT2. The hardware
address will then be correct.

Mark Sailer
New York, USA
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