[pc110] various questions

Alan W Black (awb nospam at cstr.ed.ac.uk)
Fri, 23 Jan 1998 11:17:25 GMT

I've ordered my PC110 (YDW) from T-Zone Japan and they say its
been shipped today. Although I don't like justifying why I buy
computers, I suppose I'm interested in trying to make my speech synthesizer
(http://www.cstr.ed.ac.uk/projects/festival.html) efficient enough
to run on it, but I'll let you know when/if I succeed.

I have a number of questions that hopefully some people can answer.

1) As I'll need to buy an AC adapter (probably a universal one)
can someone tell me what type of socket is on the machine. I
know it requires a 7.1V input and others have successfully used 9V
but I'm wondering if anyone has found specific adapters (in the
UK if possible) that have the right connection (such as other
Laptop or PDA AC adapters)

2) I intend to exclusively run Unix, almost certainly Linux, though
as I run FreeBSD on my home machine(s) I might try that (others on the
Japanese pc110-lovers list seem to have had some success with this).
As regards compact flash am I right in assuming "compact flash" and
"pico flash" mean the same thing? There seems to be 32M (and soon
40M) compact flash cards out that work in the PSION does any one
know if these will work with the PC110. Even if they don't could
someone give me the part number of their 15M pico flash card that does
work and sources in the UK (though I reckon I'd buy from the US)

3) I'd like to use an PCMCIA ethercard (maybe a modem/ethernet combined)
Has anyone had any success (or not) with any specific cards

4) As an alternative to an ethernet connection I thought I could use
the IrDA port and run PPP over it as a serial line. This would require
IrDA ports on both my work and home machines. I've seen serial port
to IrDA adapters advertised (around $85). Has anyone had any experience
with them. I surpised their so uncommon actually considering that most
Laptops now have then and almost no PCs do.

Sorry to fill my first post with questions but I hope to contribute
more in the future, I might add I read Japanese quite well (I lived
there for four years) so hopefully will be able to forward information
from pc110-lovers is necessary.



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