Re: [pc110] 33.6 modem upgrade/linux software

sutra nospam at
Fri, 23 Jan 1998 04:15:06 +0000

Do you guys think that battery life will be shortened by the
33.6 modem upgrade? Do you think it'll be any better or worse than
using a Type II PC Card modem? Also what is your experience getting
the following software to work: (regarding compatability)

1. Accelerated X Driver for Laptops
2. Metro-X SVGA Driver (is it any faster that XFree, or just the
3. Doom (what's the least painful way to get the sound to work? I
tried sndcvt and the monsters sound like I've been sucking a bong)
4. Personaware (will it run from dosemu?)

Thanks, that's all for now.

Mike D
sutra nospam at