Re: [pc110] various questions

Alan Cox (alan nospam at
Fri, 23 Jan 1998 12:09:25 +0000 (GMT)

> computers, I suppose I'm interested in trying to make my speech synthesizer
> ( efficient enough
> to run on it, but I'll let you know when/if I succeed.

It doesnt work right now .. I tried it a while ago

> know it requires a 7.1V input and others have successfully used 9V
> but I'm wondering if anyone has found specific adapters (in the
> UK if possible) that have the right connection (such as other
> Laptop or PDA AC adapters)

I am using standard Maplins 9v power supplies without problem. The smaller
one choked with ultrachg but the bigger one was ok. My main 9v PSU is a
30amp supply at home so thats never had problems

> 4) As an alternative to an ethernet connection I thought I could use
> the IrDA port and run PPP over it as a serial line. This would require
> IrDA ports on both my work and home machines. I've seen serial port
> to IrDA adapters advertised (around $85). Has anyone had any experience
> with them. I surpised their so uncommon actually considering that most
> Laptops now have then and almost no PCs do.

There is a kit to do this on It also supports the
Adaptec airport units. I use this setup at home, but very soon I plan to
switch to real irda/irlap/irlan as Dag has almost usable Linux code for this
to put AF_IRDA and IP over IRDA into Linux

> more in the future, I might add I read Japanese quite well (I lived
> there for four years) so hopefully will be able to forward information
> from pc110-lovers is necessary.

Handy.. Im still trying to find out how to duplicate ultrachg and PS2
under Linux. As well as what the patch to the win95 video drivers did
so I can duplicate that in Xfree 3.3.1