Re: [pc110] Any news on 33.6 modem upgrade?

Mark Willis (mwillis nospam at
Wed, 21 Jan 1998 21:54:25 -0800

If it works under Dos then it isn't a "WinModem" - a "WinModem" is a
sound card connected to the phone line, basically, and needs a Windows
device driver to run at all (i.e. NOT a real modem, so it cannot run
under DOS or Linux.) The device driver does all the work of generating
sounds from the bit stream, using CPU cycles to do what in a real modem
would be done in hardware. (One side effect is that the modem is
useless in every other operating system that doesn't have a hardware
specific driver, and of course YOUR OS is usually this OS!) It does
sound like this would work under Linux, which is great! Thanks!

Mark Willis
mwillis nospam at

SAKAMOTO Yoshinori wrote:
> Hello there..
> > I hope this isn't a "WinModem", though - anyone know? That'd be
> > useless under Dos/Linux...
> I don't know what is "WinModem" but may people who installed
> the internal 33.6 modem reporting it is working under DOS.
> ( I do not have it but... ) So I guess it should work under Linux
> as well.
> I might check on this in Japanese 110 Mailing Lists.
> bye 4 now..