Re: [pc110] ditto drive?

Dmytro Kovalev (dk nospam at
Mon, 15 Dec 1997 09:24:26 +0900

> this may not be the right place to ask (please direct me to a proper
> place -- is this list linux only or just pc110 oriented?)..
> but has anyone gotten iomega ditto drives to work on the pc110? i have
> the parallel port version and have tried many things.. i got my pc110
> yesterday (common thing in this mailing list!) and have been hacking
> away at it, .. and have installed ditto tools in JWIN3.1.. and am trying
> to install win95 via a ditto tape (i have the 800MB version)..

I have no idea how to do it with Win -- I knew some guys who were not able to
set iOmega under Win95 on other machines. But for Linux on PC110 there was
just one point to fix in my case -- BIOS setting for parallel port. There are
3 or 4 I/O addresses in the BIOS -- you can just reboot several times to try
them all (I don't remember which one I've chosen finally).

Linux recognizes the iOmega without any problems

> the basic problem is that the ditto software cannot detect the drive.
> when i try to install the dos version, the screen goes black and i cant
This is probably due to the Japanese version of DOS. Install program probably
tries to draw some characters from upper half of the ASCII (pseudo-graphical
chars) but Japanese encoding doesn't support that. Try to switch to English
mode -- it's "chev us" or just "us" command. To switch back to Japanese --
"chev jp" or "jp" (command depends on the version of DOS).

> see anything, .. and must hunt and peck for F3 to exit..
> has anyone had luck with this? thanks very much for any help..
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