Vaughan Pratt (pratt nospam at
Sun, 14 Dec 1997 14:08:02 -0800

>I already am running WIN95/DOS, but was curious if anyone has
>had success with running LINUX at the same time using a OS loader like
>System Commander alog with WIN95, then what can I do with the 4MB flash
>ROM? Can that be changed in any way, like can I load Sytem Commander on the
>Flash ROM (D:\drive)?

All of the above are possible. I run a Russian counterpart of System
Commander called BTEASY that I'm fond of for no particular reason. It
runs equally well on the 4MB internal flash, a 15MB SanDisk
Compactflash, and the 340MB hard drive. I've put Linux on all three.

I've put an image of Linux on the compactflash on as
/pub/pc110-15ix.tgz. It compresses down to 4.4MB, giving an idea of the
gains to be had on these small machines if Linux had a compressed file

Vaughan Pratt