[pc110] ditto drive?

jason c. patterson (patters nospam at vistech.net)
Sat, 13 Dec 1997 13:14:20 -0500

this may not be the right place to ask (please direct me to a proper
place -- is this list linux only or just pc110 oriented?)..

but has anyone gotten iomega ditto drives to work on the pc110? i have
the parallel port version and have tried many things.. i got my pc110
yesterday (common thing in this mailing list!) and have been hacking
away at it, .. and have installed ditto tools in JWIN3.1.. and am trying
to install win95 via a ditto tape (i have the 800MB version)..

the basic problem is that the ditto software cannot detect the drive.
when i try to install the dos version, the screen goes black and i cant
see anything, .. and must hunt and peck for F3 to exit..

has anyone had luck with this? thanks very much for any help..

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