Re: [pc110] [Fwd: pc110 modem upgrade?]

Vaughan Pratt (pratt nospam at
Sun, 14 Dec 1997 14:07:13 -0800

I have to agree with Tania, replacing the modem is much trickier than
replacing memory. Several months ago I took one of my PC110's
completely apart, but it wasn't at all easy. One very nasty side
effect of that venture was that now when I close the lid and reopen it,
the keyboard is disabled, though X11 telnet/rlogin connections are
unharmed and I can continue to type on the machine through them. No
idea what I did to cause that.

I removed the 2400 baud modem at the time, mainly because I wasn't
using it for anything and hoped it might reduce the power consumption.
Plugging it back in didn't fix the above problem.

Vaughan Pratt