Re: [pc110] fdisk problems

INOUE Katsumi (kinoue nospam at
Thu, 4 Dec 1997 16:29:29 +0900


> Date: Thu, 4 Dec 97 02:58:58 +0900
> From: Daniel Griffith <tokka nospam at>
> I bought a used pc110 in Tokyo about a month ago - at 60,000 yen

This is not very cheap. You can buy brand new one at the same price
if you check T-Zone ad often. If they have some more in stock, I mean.
I'm thinking of buying one because my pc110's screen stopped to work.

> As I use only Apple hardware, I have nothing with a parallel port, and so
> a PLIP install is out:) I bought a D-Link 620 Parallel port network
> adapter, but the setup software tells me that it can't find a adapter
> connected. I have checked in the "Easy-SetUp" menu, that the parallel
> port is enabled - is there anything else arcane that I should do enable
> the port?

I think this is in FAQ. All IBM machines assigns I/O port for parallel at
0x3bc, while the standard is 0x378.

> Also, I have tried to install RedHat 4.2, and the installer dies on me
> when it gets to fdisk. I have tried to use RedHat 5 today, with the
> formatting software "Disk Druid". This seems to work, but then the
> installer tell's me it can't find a swap partition!

I have read similar incidents on net a few times before.
Doesn't "ps2 _ nospam at ata p" help? According to the web page I'm seeing now
(all written in Japanese), this lets you see PCMCIA disk as /dev/hdc.
I have no idea why this is necessary.

> I'm starting to think of buying more memory, and installing intel
> Rhapsody:)

My pc110 linux is my mail,news machine at my office. I used to have only 8M
memory. My linux once crashed my mail folder file when memory exhausted.
I then added 12M RAM and I haven't seen any crash.