Re: [pc110] fdisk problems

Daniel Griffith (tokka nospam at
Thu, 4 Dec 97 20:39:47 +0900

INOUE Katsumi12/4/1997 4:29 PMkinoue nospam at

I have checked in the "Easy-SetUp" menu, that the parallel
> > port is enabled - is there anything else arcane that I should do enable
> > the port?
>I think this is in FAQ.

It's not in the Marko Schuster PC110 FAQ, however I've been unable to
find Claude M. Landry's PC110 FAQ, everyones links are broken:(

>All IBM machines assigns I/O port for parallel at
>0x3bc, while the standard is 0x378.

Wahoo!! io=0x3bc seems to work - or at least I get to the screen to setup
tcp/ip - thanks!!!!

> > Also, I have tried to install RedHat 4.2, and the installer dies on me
> > when it gets to fdisk. I have tried to use RedHat 5 today, with the
> > formatting software "Disk Druid". This seems to work, but then the
> > installer tell's me it can't find a swap partition!
>I have read similar incidents on net a few times before.
>Doesn't "ps2 _ nospam at ata p" help? According to the web page I'm seeing now
>(all written in Japanese), this lets you see PCMCIA disk as /dev/hdc.
>I have no idea why this is necessary.

OK, I tried to check the drive using fdisk, as atenka nospam at
suggested, and found that one of the partions I created using Disk Druid
can't be deleted - then I tried partion magic, which won't touch the
drive - it tells me that it can't read the first sector... Which I guess
explains why fdisk won't touch it:(

Can I do a low level format from dos??