Re: [pc110] fdisk problems

Daniel Griffith (tokka nospam at
Thu, 4 Dec 97 16:14:32 +0900

>> Also, I have tried to install RedHat 4.2, and the installer dies on me
>> when it gets to fdisk. I have tried to use RedHat 5 today, with the
>It shouldnt be dying. I installed 4.2. Does your unit have 8Mbytes of RAM
>or more ?

8 megs. what install method did you use?

>> Now, if I try to use the boot disks in rescue mode, when it gets to the
>> prompt, I get a io error!!! is there a way to reset the bios?
>An I/O error indicates a probable disk error. If there is nothing on the
>PCMCIA drive you care about reformat it using the DOS fdisk off a floppy or
>the flash drive and see if you get bad blocks... maybe it was cheap for
>a reason.

This error seems to come and go - I got rescue mode working last night:)
However fdisk gave me the error, "can't open /dev/hdc":)
well, it's a step forward anyway!

I bought the unit from a Sofmap used shop - all used hardware is
reconditioned, and often have a longer guarantee, than when they were
new:) You can now buy the basic unit for about 35,000 yen new, so it
wasn't that cheap.