Re: [pc110] PCMCIA port extender cards

Adam M. Lambert (adam nospam at
Fri, 31 Oct 97 08:07:07 -0400

On Fri, 31 Oct 1997 12:31:22 +0000, Grim wrote:

>I've been told it's possible to use the PC110 with a port extender so that
>the hard drive can be attached but still have a free type II pcmcia slot

>I have found them for sale in the US, though. The cheapest one I've
>found is 139.95 USD and includes facilities for testing pcmcia cards such as
>reading pin signals. This is overkill for my wants.
>My question is this. Are they available in the UK? If not, is the
>one I found a reasonable price for the US one or is it possible to get
>them cheaper?

While I am not saying that this is a particularly good price for the
little you are getting (there is really nothing to them), I purchased
mine from Toshiba nospam at price was $49.00,
and the part number is NWTYPE01. I use this presently when I need to
use a lan card or modem. However, recently TZone has been saying that
they will have a upgrade for the internal modem for the PC110, which should
eliminate 80% of my use for this extender... (I use the modem alot - I seldom
use the ethernet nic) But as of yet, they are "still working it out with
their supplier." (I call every few days)

Good luck.

(BTW - it is *really* convienent to be able to just pop out the hard drive
and place it into my desktop to either exchange files or back the PC110
up... I purchased a PCMCIA card reader for the desktop for about $100 US
earlier this year.)

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