[pc110] PCMCIA port extender cards

Grim (grim nospam at babylon.org)
Fri, 31 Oct 1997 12:31:22 +0000


I'm thinking of buying a palmtop that will run Linux. I've been considering
the PC110 and the Toshiba Libretto. In favour of the Libretto are a free
PCMCIA card slot even with the hard drive attached and the fact that it's a
more powerful machine with a larger display. However, one very big thing in
favour of the PC110 is that I've been unable to find any information in
English on running Linux on the Libretto and I don't fancy being a pioneer.
The PC110 seems to have a much better knowledge base (eg this list). However
the lack of a free pcmcia slot is a drawback.

I've been told it's possible to use the PC110 with a port extender so that
the hard drive can be attached but still have a free type II pcmcia slot
available. Having looked through the archives of this list, I see that
Vaughn actually does this. However, I've been unable to find one on sale in
the UK despite searching both the web and the advert pages of various computer
mags. I have found them for sale in the US, though. The cheapest one I've
found is 139.95 USD and includes facilities for testing pcmcia cards such as
reading pin signals. This is overkill for my wants.

My question is this. Are they available in the UK? If not, is the
one I found a reasonable price for the US one or is it possible to get
them cheaper?

Thanks in advance for any information anyone can shed.


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