josh (jg nospam at izap.com)
Fri, 31 Oct 1997 09:30:45 +0000

Hello lucky PC110 owners....
After having procrastinated & drooled one too many times over the
PC110.... I ahve finally come to the decision that I want to buy one...
Now that I want to buy one, I have heard that they have been
discontinued. Thus making me wonder if buying after all would be worth
my while.
First of all I have to find one (20MB model w/ all accessories), then I
am concerned about service if my unit fails & needs replacing, am I

Looks like I 'may' be going to T-Zone in Sunnyvale for my purchase ,
since that's in my neck of the woods.
But I have not been able to get a clear answer from them on whether they
have a 20MB w/ access. in stock or not, evrytime I go there I get no
real help, no one from the "International Zone" is ever on duty & the
other floor people no absoluteley nothing about what I am asking for,
plus when I call - I get put on hold for ages & end up with same floor
people - or , I get a voicemail which results in ZERO response!!! Not
exactly good service T-ZONE!

Anybody from the (California) Bay Area who has bought their PC110 form
Also how valid are these rumors that a 33.6 modem upgrade will be
available for the PC110?

Can anybody offer some advice as to where & how I should go about
getting my PC110?
Is it even a wise move to get one anymore?
I dont wanna 'Overpay' too much for one, I know they arent cheap, but
I'd like fair price, most of all I'd like a little confidence in who I
buy from...
What about that camera that you can get for it, is it worth the money
or is it "not all it's cracked up to be?"


jg nospam at izap.com