[pc110] RE: Need PC110

Fringe Ryder (fringe nospam at fringeweb.com)
Sat, 31 Mar 2001 09:00:58 -0800

You'll have better luck if YOU make the offer. Many of us have
great-condition PC110s, but we've been annoyed/burnt by people who say,
"Need urgently, will pay good price for..." by which they mean up to
$45. Offer an amount and conditions and see if you get any takers. If
not, offer more.

At 07:57 AM 3/31/2001 +0100, Jean-Francois PICART wrote:
>Sorry to bother you on this mailing list but I'm desperatly looking for a
>secondhand IBM PC110 with 20Mb of RAM urgently. I wasn't able to find it
>Please make offers :-) I'm ready to pay a decent price for it :-)