Re: [pc110] Accessing Picoflash/CompactFlash slot freezes machine

Eugene Kang (s806803 nospam at
Sat, 31 Mar 2001 23:25:33 +1000

From: <hnii nospam at>
> >
> > The problem is, when I plug in my CF card (Kodak 8MB), the system will
> > either give a bluescreen or just lock up. Explorer would crash and die,
> > I would be stuck at a black screen.
> Hi,
> The right slot is just a memory slot (not CF).
> So, you cannot unplug CF-card under operation.

Awww man. :(
Looks like I'd have to reboot everytime I want to transfer pictures..

> If you need, use 'PCMCIA to CF adapter' with left slot.
> How?

I can't, unless I buy one of those long pcmcia slot extenders. :(