Re: [pc110] Compact flash problems

Tomas Olaj (tomaso nospam at
Tue, 12 Oct 1999 10:19:55 +0200 (CEST)

On Sat, 9 Oct 1999, Alan Cox wrote to Mr. Olaj this e-mail message:

> > Partition Check:
> > hdb:hdb: irq timeout status=3D0xff {busy}
> > hdb drive not ready for command
> I see this if I have both hdb and hdc inserted
> > 1) When I boot up the PCMCIA boot-disk from the 6.1 distribution I=B4ll
> > first of all get the mentioned error-messages, and after that it askes
> > me for a Drivers Diskette. What ?!? Will the PC110 handle the
> > new installation program from Redhat?
> I assume so. What other PCMCIA devices do you have ?

One card (A PCMCIA) with 80 MB in the left slot. I´ve installed SuSE
Linux on this one. It gave me the option to select a minimal installation,
it started the PCMCIA services automatically and it also connected me to
the network, without any configuration, with another PCMCIA card in the
second left slot.

hda -> 4 MB internal flash
hdb -> 80 MB compact flash -> yields problems
hdc -> 80 MB PCMCIA flash

I´ve tested other distribution and e.g. RedHat didn´t give me any choices
of minimal configuration (well, the minimal was approx. 100 MB). Together
with Debian it also asked for a "drivers" diskette, which I could not find
anywhere on the CDROM.

Another thing: the RedHat 6.1 installer crash when it tries to boot, and
exit "abnormally".


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