[pc110] PC110 32Mb Memory files

Mark Willis (mwillis nospam at foxinternet.net)
Sun, 03 Oct 1999 21:11:23 -0700

Hey, folks; I have the data on how to upgrade a PC110 to 32Mb. (It's a
hard hack, but do-able, I'm told; No time to review it yet here.)

It's given to me, free to share, but not "for commercial use", I'll pass
details on that later. It is a non-trivial modification to do, from a
quick scan (take the machine completely apart, de-solder memory chips,
cut traces, solder on new chips & some extra wires etc.)

It'll be linked off http://web3.foxinternet.net/mwillis/index.htm, some
time soonly (Tech support tells me it's there, I get a 404 though, and
if ANYONE can see it, I should be able to, when I try to get at the
actual file's at http://web3.foxinternet.net/mwillis/PC11032M.Htm, there
are 4 JPGs and a dark2301.Com file also.)

Tell you what - it's about 90k for all those files; Is there enough
want/need to post about 150k of data (uuencoding it / Mime-ing it will
blow it up somewhat) to all members of the list? Probably not.

So, if you need it RSN, e-mail me as a PRIVATE off-list response to
this, and I'll post these all to all who ask, in the morning or so. By
later in the AM, should have the link working.

I'll probably be willing to help people do the install, if needed, and
people are interested; Rex and Ken probably as well. I haven't tried
this yet, so perhaps the three of us should try one & see if it works?