[pc110] RE: [PC110] Network card with harddrive?

Linux New Bee (linux nospam at ebij.com)
Thu, 23 Sep 1999 00:31:16 +0900

> Thank you for the information. However, that begs an important part of
> the question...
> CAN you use the network with a PCMCIA hard drive in the other slot?
> (Or a FLASH ATA card.)

With the CF card you actually use the PCMCIA as God intended it to be used.
But, I meant I used to use the NE2000 in the bottom slot with a 260MB ATA
drive in the top slot. If you grab the 110 PCMCIA driver you are pretty much
free to play.

I am now looking for some way to get the Canon camera working in windows. So
far so bad. :-(

> The PC110 has an interesting level of BIOS support for the PCMCIA slots.
> If you are using an ATA card as a BIOS device in one slot, you are very
> constrained as to what will run on the other slot. If you load the
> full PCMCIA drivers, you lose BIOS ATA support, which can be
> problematic if the card was a boot device.

There is a "switch" to tell the DOS drivers to ignore a certain slot.
Anyhow, once you load the proper 110 PCMCIA drivers you have full 32bit
support for both slots - the driver knows which slot to leave alone.